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After 30 years of experience in interior architecture and design, Peter Bartholomeus divides each project into six phases:

I. Predesign
Predesign is the information gathering and analyzing phase. It encompasses all work necessary prior to actually designing your interior. During this time I formulate a program which defines your needs and objectives. I consider function, character and image, spaces, and a host of other factors that affect how you will live or use your interior. During this stage I also establish the construction scope, budget and schedule.
II. Preliminary design
Preliminary Design is the brainstorming and exploration phase. It begins with concept diagrams and sketches. During this phase I determine the general layout, form and overall appearance. If  necessary, sketches, drawings are prepared to help evaluate the ideas and concepts and set the final direction for refining the design. 
III. Development Design
In the Development Design phase, the size, layout and character of the interior and site are refined. I begin to design feature elements such as stairs, cabinetry, fireplaces and built-in furniture. Drawings are prepared that describe some of the technical details. Plans, elevations and sections through the building are developed. At the end of this phase, most of the design work will be complete.
IV. Construction Documentation
Construction Documentation is the phase where the design is translated into the technical language of the contractor. Working drawings and specifications are prepared which define in detail all of the materials that are to be incorporated into the house, where they are to be located and how they are to be installed. Although this phase is primarily intended for working out the technical aspects of the project, some design work also takes place. In addition, light, plumbing, ventilation, airco and heating units and finish materials are selected. 
V. Offer
During the Offer phase, I obtain competitive bids or negotiated proposals from a selected list of general contractors of your choice. I prepare and distribute sets of drawings and specifications, answer contractor questions, interpret the offers, and prepare addenda (revisions to the original drawings or specifications). Once the offers are received, I analyze the results and prepare the contract between you and the selected contractor. 
VI. Construction
The final phase of the process is the construction. In this phase I review the progress of the work and facilitate any changes that may be required. I answer questions, review work drawings), and review bills or monthly certificates of payment that are submitted by the contractor. Upon completion of this phase I thoroughly inspect on quality control your interior to ensure that it is complete and ready for your use. 

Finally, on request, we inform you about our various proposals and our fee.

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