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As an independent interior architect and Consultant for Architecture - Interior Design - Engineering - Project Management and as a Quality Controller in my different projects, my clients count on my 30 years of experience in the different section of the building process.

I save you time and money. My goal is to take the mystery and anxiety out of building an interior, so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

My experience in different kind of projects, my high technical expertise and my journey to perfection is one of my qualities.  I donít represent firms, I represent my client.  I look to the quality of the different interior proposals, solutions or products and to the design and firmness depending on the function that it will be for used.  Iím a creator of interior spaces and control the workmanship in my field of activity with competence and willingly supported by guarantees.

Iím your representative, looking out for your interests while guiding you through the entire design and building process. My services donít end with or to control  a set of blueprints and specifications. I solicit bids from a number of reputable contractors of your choice to ensure you receive the best price, and then monitor the entire construction process to ensure you receive the highest quality interior.  I make sure you get what you pay for.

The care I give your interior before the construction begins, ensures that every facet of your interior or demand is thoroughly understood, thereby minimizing expensive  fixes or problems during and after construction. You need someone on your side.  Iím your director, conductor and advocate, overseeing the different proposals from the contractors in function of the plans and the construction on your behalf.  

This from the early stage of the first idea, till the lay-out of the plans and the realization of the project.  Normally there are the six steps I undertake in my different projects, which you will find on the link working process.

To keep up to date in this complex world of design  I visit regularly fair trades and firms. As a member of the association of interior architect of Belgium I have access to the European Council of Interior Architects.  They represent 16 members-national organizations and provides a common platform for the exchange of information.  Additional I have direct access to the Belgian Building Research Institute where I can consult and have advise by the BBRI-publications (scientific publications for projects and studies).

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